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"BeRare Model"

The BeRare Model program is designed to enhance the inner and outer appearance of our girls.


It focuses on improvement by the way of

  • Etiquette

  • Self-Image

  • Nutrition and Exercise

  • Beauty and Fashion

  • Personal Grooming & Hygiene.  


*This class may come with worksheets/workbook to follow along with class, certificate of completion, and a (tiara, ring or bracelet, & t-shirt) 


  1. Why Etiquette – Introduction and the purpose and importance of using etiquette.

  2. All About Me- This class encourages girls to celebrate their beautiful unique selves and increase a positive self-image.

  3. Role-Models –  Students will also focus on having a clearer understanding of the different roles that they themselves play. They will learn how they too can be role-models and heroes.

  4. My Role-Model- This class will have students identify the good character traits and choose good role models. (students will interview their role-model)

  5. Interviewing - This class is designed to help students succeed in interviews, give great introductions, & make good 1st impressions.                                          My Body Image - The primary focus of the next list of classes is to encourage and educate a Healthy lifestyle, Beauty & Fashion Techniques, and Positive Self-confidence, in our young girls.

  6. My Healthilicous Me- This class is will teach students how important a healthy lifestyle is by motivating proper exercise routines, nutrition, and stressing the importance of balancing daily activities. We will also discuss how to prevent eating disorders. ( 2 class lesson)

  7. Beauty- Students will practice how to have good personal hygiene & grooming and get tips on how to  apply make-up, and to properly style & care for their hair and skin.  (2 class lesson)

  8. My Princess Outfit - This class will help students to become more aware of their everyday dress and to display a positive self-image. Students will learn how to dress on their own and choose appropriate outfits for any occasion. (2 class lesson as students choose an outfit for themselves and for their special guests)

  9. BeRare Fashion- In this class, Girls will create their own BeRare products.  This is a leadership class and will encourage and inspire them to get into the fashion industry or become business owners.(2 class lesson)

  10. Modeling- The primary objective of this class is to teach the students how to model on a runway stage while encouraging a positive attitude, inner beauty, and self-confidence.

  11. Role- Modeling Show/Graduation – We will celebrate each student and their role-models. Students demonstrate what they have learned by giving presentations and modeling with their special guest.*Students will give modeling, hair, & make-up tips to a role model of their choosing. They may also invite other guests, friends, and family to their role-modeling show. They will also receive a portrait of themselves and their role-model


"Table Etiquette"

This program is designed to teach students the art of dining. Students will learn proper table manners including formal table setting, proper use of utensils, glassware and dishes, school etiquette, rules of the restaurant, and how to be the perfect host and guest. Through hands on workshops, role-playing activities, games and crafts students will greatly benefit from the Table Etiquette program.

  1. Why Etiquette- This is the introductory class and will teach students the importance of etiquette and good manners during the dining experience.

  2. Greetings & Introductions- This class takes the fear out of making introduction, join conversations, and choose appropriate subjects during their dining experience. Students learn how to be a social success.

  3. Perfect Posture- The purpose of this class is to teach the students how to  learn how to behave and sit properly and politely at the dinner table.

  4. My Napkin-Students learn the purpose of the napkin and how to use it, making the dining experience less of a mess.

  5. What is a Table Setting- This class will teach our students the art of how to properly set the dinner table and become a great host.

  6. Which fork do I use- This class will teach students how to eat like a little lady by cutting and using their silverware appropriately, which will help the students become independent and eliminate the messy hand syndrome.

  7. School Lunch- The purpose of this class is to make lunchroom dining smoother and more enjoyable for students and the school staff. * k-2nd grades only

  8. Buffet Style Lunch- Students will practice and learn how to eat in a family style setting. This will prepare the student for dining invitations and outings.

  9. Baking/Cooking 101- This class is designed to teach students the basics of working in kitchen an how to be safe as they prepare a recipe. They will also be decorating their own personal  aprons.(2 part class)

  10. Do’s & Don’ts of Eating-Children get tips and learn how to handle themselves in sticky icky situations at the table while dining.

  11. Delightful Dining- Student demonstrate the dining skills that they have learned throughout the program. Students will also get a certificate during this class.

​*Guest are encouraged to accompany their student at the Restaurant.


"BeRare Girl"

Primarily, the BeRare Girl program is focused on building a beautiful inner girl so that she can fully shine on the outside. The BeRare Girl program guides our girls on how to identify their weaknesses and sustain their strengths. This program will help students identify, and work towards achieving their personal goals one step and a time by giving them a realistic approach on how to achieve success. Also, students will learn how their family history can affect their present and future choices, how to break negative habits, and focus on enhancing their positive traits. Also, we will expound on health issues such as basic hygiene and sexually transmitted diseases.

*This class may come with worksheets/workbook to follow along with class, certificate of completion, and a t-shirt.


  1. Why Etiquette- Introduction and the purpose and importance of using etiquette.

  2. Goal- A- Licious- This class is designed to help students identify by giving them a realistic approach of how to work towards achieving their personal goals one step at a time.(2 class lesson)

  3. All About Me- This class is designed to help students build their self-esteem by embracing the unique self. The purpose of this class is to encourage students to embrace their uniqueness and differences.  They will identify their strengths, gifts, talents, and abilities. I believe that if they focus on their abilities, that this will encourage a positive attitude and minimize the urge to be jealous of others.

  4. Breaking Unhealthy Cycles- Students will focus on how their family history/life can affect their present lives, the choices they make, and how they have the power to change it. They will also focus on enhancing their strengths and minimizing the unhealthy habits.

  5. Queen “B” Protection- This class will help students to become more aware of their surroundings, become more cautious of their actions, and teaches them techniques on how to protect and defend themselves. (2 classes to this lesson)

  6. Interviewing and Introductions- Students practice on enhancing their vocal skills and grammar, and learn how to present themselves in front of large groups with ease and confidence. They will also practice and learn the art of interviewing.  (conquer the fear of glossophobia/public speaking) (2 classes to this lesson)

  7. Graduation Ceremony-  The purpose of this class is to celebrate and give students the opportunities to demonstrate the leadership and life skills that they have learned and how they will apply at to their lives.

*After the end of the program, students will get an invitation to a royal ball graduation (luncheon/dinner), where she will be given and tiara and crowned a BeRare Princess. Students may invite guests to their graduation ceremony.

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