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The focus of P's & Q's is to give girls the right foundation early in their lives. It is beneficial that our girls understand that being unique is PERFECTLY fine. We feel that if our girls are introduced to the concept of taking a stand in leadership, the chances of them developing into confident young ladies early on will be greater. These are 3-4 hour workshops at a fee of $75.00-$95.00 per student .  Girls in grades K-2 and 3-5th will be selected.


All of our workshops follow a specific format that involves group discussion, exciting activities,  games or role-plays, sometimes there may be a workbook/worsheets provided along with the writing exercises and we almost always do a creative art project. A meal or snack is included.


“Girly Stuff”

Now that our girls are growing older, their taking on a lot more responsibility and it's not always easy to know what to do or how to ask for help. The more they know, the less confusing, stressful, and embarrassing growing up will seem. This workshop focuses on the changes that our young girls are facing as they move into their pre-teen and teenage years.

Topics include:

Emotions, Bullying, Body Talk (Health & Hygiene), Self-image, Relationships

“Prom Etiquette”

Prom can be an exciting time of year, but it can also be very stressful. In this workshop students will focus on how to handle the pressure of prom season.

Topics include:

What to wear and what not to wear, Peer pressure, Asking or accepting invites, and Protecting yourself

“Communication 101”

In this two session workshop series, children learn the basics of good social skills through interactive games, role-playing, and mini-excursions. They will grasp the importance of mindful behavior, body language, a good handshake, proper introductions, patience, and making friends. The workshop includes a lunch party" and an excursion where children put their out-and-about skills to use.

Session 2- This session of the workshop provides kids with strategies to handle tough situations with friends and family and effectively combat nerves and anxieties they may be feeling, while teaching them how to express and cope with these emotions. Lessons in session 2 will also focus on developing the know-how to manage school stress and frustrations. Students will also create their own “stress-down diva tool kits” that will equip them with the coping skills to last a lifetime.

“Dazzle Me Dreamer”

The purpose of this workshop is to create an avenue for our girls to envision themselves achieving their dreams and to encourage a positive self-image. Students will flourish as they begin to discover their purpose as they embracing their uniqueness and life experiences.

“BeRare Girl & BeRare Model”

This fun, interactive 3-hour workshop encourages girls to embrace their inner beauty as they venture into young- adulthood and display a beautiful outer beauty. We create a safe, judgment-free environment where we work together with the girls to build self-esteem and confidence through interactive lessons, activities, and discussions.

Topics include:

Becoming goal-oriented, embracing our uniqueness, appropriate dress, overcoming obstacles, positive vs. negative thinking, Queen B safety, and positive self-image. In addition, the BeRare program covers: stage presence, modeling, role-modeling, beauty, & fashion, This “open-forum” style structure of the workshop allows girls to open up about their own concerns, learning from the instructors and from each other, without judgement.


In today's society, our young people are being pressured by the media to conform to their definition of what success and beauty looks like. Well, success doesn't happen overnight. Life is about purpose and each of us has our own life and experiences which can result in a powerful legacy. In this program our girls will learn how to accept/understand that those challenges & obstacles in life are ALL a normal part of making each girl a unique princess or queen. They will learn  step by step how to set and achieve their goals, problem solve, handle challenging situations, make positive choices, take responsibility for their lives, and embrace those hurtful experiences which will lead them to a successful and prosperous future.

Girls look at the big picture for success in their lives by taking the focus off of  small distractions and  learn how to take advantage of every opportunity that's given to them.

“I CAN Bounce Back”

This workshop is for teens & young women who have dealt with challenging issues, need a new start, or just feel like their stuck in a rut. Causes may be:


  • Past experiences

  • Unique in their own way

  • Culture

  • Family struggles(low income, single parenting, teen pregnancy)

  • Feelings of depression or hurt

  • Challenge with adapting to society


By sharing my personal experience my goal  is to empower participants with the skills and knowledge that will encourage them break out of their negative mind-set and realize that they can bounce back and accomplish their dreams.

"Beauty 101"

(Women's Workshop)

This class is designed to enhance the beauty skills in adults. It encourages enthusiasm on how to enhance your etiquette skills, on new ways of applying make-up, fitness tips, and allows you to learn new ways of becoming a better you.

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