1. Role-Models- Positive character is the main focus of this class.  Students will look at the different roles that they play and learn how they too can be role-models and heroes. 

  2. My Unique Best- The purpose of this class is to encourage students to embrace their uniqueness and differences.  They will identify their strengths, gifts, talents, and abilities. I believe that if they focus on their abilities, that this will encourage a positive attitude and minimize the urge to be jealous of others. Students begin to discover their purpose and learn answers to the why questions by embracing their differences and life experiences. 

  3. Bullying..."Not Me”- Students began to think about how it feels to be bullied by putting themselves in other's shoes. They also learn how to boldly stand against peer pressure.(Students will take the Anti-Bullying Oath and receive a certificate)

  4. Overcoming the Mind Battle- By looking at each experience as a learning one, this session will help students to become more aware of the negative emotions and thoughts they experience, and take the necessary steps in moving forward. 

  5. Philanthropy Me- Once registered Girls will be able to support a non-profit organization and give back by purchasing some small items. Below is a list of some ideas that you can buy to fill up your box.(children bring toys, crayons, books, pencils, etc.) donations list. 

  6. Setting and Achieving Goals-  This class is designed to help students identify and work towards achieving their personal goals on step at a time. 

  7. Importance of Education- This class is all about helping students to see the value in their education and how their choices not can affect the success of their future.*Children will choose their career goals and become the teachers, actors, dancers, basketball player, inventors, models, fashion designers, and more

It is true that one can’t give something that they don’t already possess.


In this program, we will focus on;

  • Diversity

  • Speaking Out

  • Seeking Leadership Opportunities

  • Identifying & Strengthening Skills and Abilities

  • Overcoming Negative Thoughts

  • Being Unique

  • Role-modeling.


Through this fun-filled program, students will take the steps, dance, or simply just walk forward leaving behind all negativity that discourages and prevents them from making progress in their lives. Positive thinking and a strong self-image is the key to minimizing negative choices and results.  Once this is learned, I believe that the results in our children will be GREAT!

*This class comes with worksheets to follow along with class, certificate, pen, button


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